Dr Young and nurse with patient


As the cornerstone of Virginia’s medical community since 1838, the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center has established a reputation for high-quality care, dedicated patient follow-ups and excellence in teaching and research. In addition, our Department of Neurosurgery is committed to innovative treatment, with a nationally recognized neurotrama program generating more than $25 million in sponsored research from the National Institutes of Health, resulting in groundbreaking research conducted within the department. Two of the current standards of care in neurosurgery, Traumatic Brain Injury and Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus, were developed at VCU and offer improved treatment and outcomes for these patient populations.

The creation of the Harold F. Young Neurosurgical Center provides an opportunity for the Department of Neurosurgery to address an ever-changing medical environment and restructure itself to create a unified approach to delivering quality neurosurgical care in Virginia. The center provides patients with easy access to the evaluation and treatment of neurological disease, utilizing the latest developments in neurosurgical techniques.

The center is also a recognized facility that integrates clinical, educational and research activities in order to provide optimal diagnosis and treatment for patients with neurological disease and injury while training the next generation of clinicians and scientists.

We invite you to learn more about what we are doing to treat neurological disease at one of America’s leading neurosurgical centers – right here in Richmond.

Harold F. Young, M.D.
Director, Harold F. Young Neurosurgical Center