Man reviewing X-rays, and woman doing research

Our mission

The Harold F. Young Neurosurgical Center is committed to providing exceptional and compassionate patient care. Within the VCU Health System, the Neurosurgical Center will be a recognized provider of comprehensive services whose mission is to integrate clinical research with patient services while training future clinicians and scientists.

Beginning with C.C. Coleman’s arrival in Richmond in the late 1910s, the Department of Neurosurgery at Virginia Commonwealth University has held a commitment to research and developing innovative treatment. Dr. Donald Becker carried neurosurgery at the VCU Medical Center into the modern era, emphasizing the systematic study and treatment of head injuries. Since 1985, Dr. Harold Young, Chair of the Department of Neurosurgery, has continued the tradition of clinical and basic scientific investigation in traumatic brain injury while reinforcing the department’s original dedication to clinical excellence and resident education.

Since the beginning of his career in 1968, Dr. Young has been a role model for providing compassionate patient care. As Chair of Neurosurgery at VCU, Dr. Young has created one of the nation's leading head-trauma programs and under his leadership, the neurosurgery department has generated more than $25 million in sponsored research from the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Young’s commitment to providing compassionate patient care through a team of experienced professionals and innovative technology are what sets this program apart from any other.