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Neurotrauma Program


Severe Head Injury
Head Injury Monitoring
Head Injury Clinical Trials (American Brain Injury Consortium)


The VCU Neurotrauma Program is one of the most prominent and long-established in the world. Fundamental discoveries involving the cause and treatment of brain injury have evolved from its research and patient care system.

With more than 25 years of continuous NIH program funding, the Neurotrauma Program has fostered a unique combination of basic research, clinical research and the highest level of clinical care. This collaboration, supported by a world-class Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit, has earned the program a reputation as one of the top facilities for treating head injury with more than 30 publications generated each year.

Research studies include mechanisms of DAI, Brain Edema and Neuroinfection Traumatic Brain injury, as well as translational studies in the ICU. Many national and international clinical trials for TBI are run through ABIC.

Physicians and research faculty

R. Scott Graham, M.D.
Dennis J. Rivet, M.D.
John D. Ward, M.D.
Dong Sun, Ph.D.
Randall Merchant, Ph.D.